Here you find links to youtubes with conference talks by Susanne Ledanff

Video vom Vortrag:
Art projects in transient spaces.
Berlin after unification and Christchurch after the earthquakes 2010/11.
Contemp Art '13, Dakam, Istanbul,
10.-12. April 2013


Texts, extracts and reviews

Here you can read various publications by Susanne Ledanff or download them as Pdf files. You also find book reviews and interviews as well as further online material provided by the author.

On the book on Berlin:

1. Inhaltsübersicht und Leseprobe als PdF auf der Verlagsseite von Aisthesis

2. Chronicle, University of Canterbury: Literature of new Berlin explored in book.

Friday 14 August 2009, 5:31PM.


Sabine Berthold: Geschichtsstadt und Metropole der Pop-Moderne

4. Germany’s Capital in Print: Susanne Ledanff on the Contemporary Berlin Novel: Interview by Thomas Köster with Susanne Ledanff.

Goethe-Institut e. V., Online-Redaktion, July 2011

5. Contemporary Literature Seminar by Prof Susanne Ledanff November 2013. Material on WebLearn, University of Oxford